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·      Patrons must meet the minimum height requirements

·      Patrons must have a mat to ride

·      Patrons must exit the slide immediately on completion of the ride

·      Patrons must ride on their own, no tandem riding is allowed

·      Patrons must not change lanes

·      Patrons must ride and remain in the nominated head first position with their elbows in

·      Hooliganism and horseplay is not tolerated at any time

·      Patrons must not leave any possessions with the lifeguards

·      Patrons should not wear any watches, or other jewellery

·      No eyewear is to be worn at any time, this includes goggles

·      Pregnant ladies should not ride the Racer Slide (the nature of the ride could put both themselves and their unborn child at risk)

·      Guests who are disabled may ride the Racer Slide if they are physically able to conform to all riding procedures and can comprehend both the nature of the ride and the rules pertaining to the ride

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